House Party Etiquette

Hello Ladies (not sure if any men are interested in my blog except for my husband),

I am already getting ready for the holiday season.  I know it seems early, but I have committed to doing a few houseparties/shows.  I need to buy samples and lots of inventory (Niki Bikis, tie dye bags, etc.).  Not sure what the ladies of St. Louis and Cincinnati are going to want to see.

Anyway, whenever I am invited to a house party (like Thirty-One, Arbonne, Slumber Parties) I always feel an obligation to purchase something.  In fact, I ALWAYS do purchase something, even it is little because first of all I came to the party and ate the hostess’s food and drank her vino. I also want to support the business, as I know what it is like to do these parties.  I feel like we need to support each other.   I also know what it’s like for someone to come to a house party, schmooze all night, and walk out empty handed.  That annoys me. Does anyone else feel obligated to buy?  Does anyone else (hostesses, business owners) get annoyed when someone walks out without purchasing even a little something?  Is there something wrong with me???

Help me out ladies….what are your thoughts?



5 thoughts on “House Party Etiquette

  1. I too feel like i should purchase a little something. It is hard to do home shows and i TOTALLY agree we should support one another in these endevors. Most women who sell at home shows are struggling mom’s trying to make ends meet (and get some social time other than with a 4 year old:) I can always find a little something to use for myself or a gift.

  2. Yes. I alway feel obligated to buy, too. My husband hates it when I get invited to these sorts of parties. I am no longer allowed to buy candles. We have enough to warm our house through bitter cold, plus they have left black soot all over the ceilings (which my husband spent several weeks repainting).

  3. Thanks Jodi and Carolyn for your support! My vet even sent me a private email explaining that she also feels obligated to buy something. Anyone out there disagree us? Do you feel like you are under no obligation to purchase something and frequently leave parties empty-handed? I’m interested in hearing what you have to say.

  4. I found this to be a really interesting post as someone who was stalked through most of my twenties by a Mary-Kay rep, begging me to host my own party after I’d attended another one. I feel that sometimes having more people, even if some don’t buy, lends to the festive nature of the party, and makes MOST people want to stay longer, drink more, and in turn, buy more… I used to buy at some, not at others. However, I know most people get ticked if you don’t buy which is why I now refuse to attend them as it’s not really a get together, it’s actually an obnoxious hard-sales pitch. Easier to host an actual cocktail party for my own friends where they’re not obligated to do anything but enjoy themselves. Hope that didn’t sound too snarky, just wanted to present the other side! Happy Thursday!

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