Ok, now that I’ve got your attention, I am not referring to the illicit kind.  I am talking about prescription drugs.  Since my family recently had to purchase our own health insurance policy, we are faced with the unfortunate problem of having to meet a nice deductible before our prescriptions are covered.  This is sort of a bummer, considering 3 out of 4 of us are require monthly medications.  I am excited to share some new info with you that I didn’t know about before!

Walgreens has a Prescription Savings Club for those who are on generic medications.  For $20 for an individual and $35 for a family, you can save a bundle on your prescriptions.  This is a lifesaver for my family.  In addition, I have been ordering certain medications from Canada.  I use Northwest Pharmacy, but there are others out there.  One of my medications would normally cost $250 for a 3 month supply, but when I order from Canada, it only costs me $33 – and that INCLUDES Shipping.  

I know affordable health care is an issue for many, so I just wanted to pass along this information, in the hopes that somebody else can benefit.

The kids are FINALLY both in school, so I have time to start focusing on the upcoming holiday season.  It will be here before you know it!  Wanted to let you know that I now have over 1300 product on my rovisandthebean.com!   I don’t even know how that happened, but there is definitely something for everyone.  I have added lots of great monogrammed acrylic jewelry, cosmetic bags, totes, iPad sleeves, monogrammed phone covers (for both iphones and androids),  and cutting boards.  I just forwarded my loyal customers a discount code for 15% off.  Use code:  SCARY at checkout.

Thanks for reading!



House Party Etiquette

Hello Ladies (not sure if any men are interested in my blog except for my husband),

I am already getting ready for the holiday season.  I know it seems early, but I have committed to doing a few houseparties/shows.  I need to buy samples and lots of inventory (Niki Bikis, tie dye bags, etc.).  Not sure what the ladies of St. Louis and Cincinnati are going to want to see.

Anyway, whenever I am invited to a house party (like Thirty-One, Arbonne, Slumber Parties) I always feel an obligation to purchase something.  In fact, I ALWAYS do purchase something, even it is little because first of all I came to the party and ate the hostess’s food and drank her vino. I also want to support the business, as I know what it is like to do these parties.  I feel like we need to support each other.   I also know what it’s like for someone to come to a house party, schmooze all night, and walk out empty handed.  That annoys me. Does anyone else feel obligated to buy?  Does anyone else (hostesses, business owners) get annoyed when someone walks out without purchasing even a little something?  Is there something wrong with me???

Help me out ladies….what are your thoughts?


Hello Friends!

Welcome to my blog!  I’m so glad you took a moment of your time to read my first blog post.  I will try my best to make you laugh and make you think.  Don’t worry, I won’t be quizzing you, but I will have an occasional contest so you can win cool personalized gifts from my website.   I will share my opinions with you on various topics ranging from interesting books, great websites, starting your own business, pop culture, fashion and trends.  Feel free to leave your comments.  If there are any topics you would like me to explore, please feel free to let me know.